Container Homes

Container Homes

* Easily transportable with no setup time other than external plugging such as electricity, water and waste.
* They include all the luxury that you would expect in a 5 star hotel room, such as fully functional bathroom with saving equipment.
* A fully functional kitchen with cook top, microwave oven, sink, optional refrigerator and the latest coffee making unit from espresso.
* An optional large LCD TV screen which doubles up as a personal computer if required.
* Also included are wardrobes, storage areas, over head cupboards and much more.
* The unit is complete with a heating and cooling system equal to none.
* As for a porch, an undercover veranda is included with our unit and doesn't need any setting up it simply is there when the doors are opened.
* We also have the facility available for optional solar power and water storage to be added if required.
* All this and the ability to prepare for a storm within 2 min if required.

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