Custom Glass Railings Vancouver

Custom Glass Railings

Glass railings are a unique, sleek, elegant, upscale, and modern way to upgrade the look of your home or business with beauty and add to the value of the property. They can enhance your stairways, balconies, showers, and more and add to all kinds of décor. You can choose from innovative luxury designs and finishes or cost-effective models, whichever will solve your requirements and desires. You can have peace of mind and don’t have to worry about any of the details because the entire process can be handled for you from conferring with you on designing the entire project, sharing the best recommendations, through the manufacturing, and then to timely delivery and complete satisfactory installation.


In addition to having superior durability and extended life spans that last for many years, railings made of glass fit right in with the style of the specific property in a luxurious and eye-catching way. Appealing features include how they blend in with any style as you choose from many different types and how they offer low maintenance that requires no regular upkeep or repair and only need occasional cleaning.

These railings are sturdy, attractive, functional, and safe and do not deteriorate or wear out. The railings also allow for uninterrupted scenery and views when sitting on balconies and decks while providing safety without an unsightly barrier. Glass is a highly-effective windbreaker that helps to block harsh winds while small gaps between the posts, handrails, and the glass allow enjoyment of mild breezes.

Framed Glass Railing

They have clear glass panels that are held in place by a frame made of metal or aluminum. They can be secured to any type of surfaces such as wooden decks or concrete surfaces. If they surround pools, they present a clear view that provides safety. A top rail is great for raised platforms and stairs and provides a place for guests to put their hands for support and security.

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Frameless Glass Railing

Since they feature glass panels without bordering frames, they allow unimpeded viewing of stunning scenery and safety from decks, balconies, and rooftop terraces.

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Is here a price difference between interior and exterior railings?

No, because the same components are used for both.

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T&F Iron Works is very pleased to be certified by the Canadian Welding Bureau (CWB), which is a national, non-profit, industry-supported organization that awards welding practices certifications. Indicated is that a firm’s team is well-trained and provides the highest quality of workmanship, exceptional service, materials, and a fair price for its commercial and residential clients. T&F Iron Works, as a reliable glass railing contractor, will work with your architects, designers, and managers to create an outstanding and specialized upgrade or renovation custom project whether it is glass railings, other guardrails and handrails, balconies, security doors, window guards, staircases, gates, metal decks, and structures and fabrications of all kinds.