Our Company

Work With T & F Group

Step 1. What Do You want...?!

Working with T&F Iron Works Ltd. we start with a meeting to discuss what you are looking for and possible design ideas. This can be done by looking at photos of previous projects, or your architectural drawings.

Step 2. Preparing

Once we have an agreement on the project – we move into shop drawings. This is where we take detailed field dimensions and prepare a full detailed drawing of your project. These drawings provide you with an accurate visual representation of the shape and details of the finished product.

Step 3. Installation

Once you approve them – we do all of the fabrication, finishing, powder coating and bring the finished product to install.

Welcome to T&F Iron Works Ltd, a company dedicated to making our customers metal work dreams come true.

About Us

Besides structural steel projects we also manufacture driveway gates, pedestrian gates, arbors, fencing, railing, handrails, window bars, custom furniture, fixtures and anything else you can dream up. At T&F Iron Works we look forward to turning your vision into a reality. Call us today for your free site visit and quote.
With the growth of T&F Works specialized skills and experience, the key areas of the company focus have naturally evolved to structural and architectural steel construction. The most valuable asset at T&F Iron works has always been its people. The T&F Family has a strong sense of team work and community.