At T&F Iron Works, we offer a wide selection of gates, fences, and other metal products tailored to the needs and specifications of our various clients. Our inventory is rich with numerous structural steel project styles and beautiful gate designs. Above everything else, we think that the customer’s drawings, ideas and imagination matters the most. Regardless of whether it’s simple handrails for your home or driveway gates, as long as you can imagine what you want it to look like, we can make it happen.

Metal Gates Services

Extensive experience

With more than 100 confirmed customers, and an elite team of welders, and workers, client satisfaction is guaranteed every single time. Between our employees, staff, and professionals, we have over a decade’s worth of training and experience. We have an official CWB certification status, and we have dozens of gate templates clients can choose from to further streamline the selection or order placement process.

Our Greater Vancouver Gate Projects

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Pedestrian Gates

Call us and get a quote

You don’t have to decide on what gate you want right away; most clients aren’t sure at first. We offer quotes to all potential clients to make them understand what constructing and installing their dream gates would cost. Choosing to decorate, protect or furnish your home is a big decision, and we want you to be in total control every step of the way.

The standard process

With T&F metalworks, all you have to do is hire us, and we’ll take care of the rest.

The process typically begins with clients coming in for a consultation. During this stage, we encourage creativity, and we choose or create a design the clients likes or can generally agree with.

We then move on to creating the gate, fence, staircase, etc., and eventually, we install the finished project. This includes painting it or adding polish or any other preservative you want. This way, the project will remain strong and stable or years to come.

Metal works services

Aside from constructing sturdy and beautiful driveway gates, we also manufacture metal structures, side gates, pedestrian gates, arbours, fences, railing, handrails, window bars, custom furniture, and fixtures. Although we are primarily a metal works company, we also work with glass, aluminium, and in very rare cases, wood. There are certain limitations with different kinds of projects, and we aim to offer clients unique experiences that go far beyond simple templates and standard designs.

Our blog

The T&F metal works blog is an essential part of the services we offer. It provides accurate information about metal works, installing metal gates, metal works and architectural works in general. It also provides answers to some of the more pressing questions our potential clients might have. Little things that they may feel embarrassed to talk about.

At T&F, teamwork and good customer relations are one of our core tenets. We understand the value of creating a community of customers by providing value and quality consistently.