Shipping Container Dwellings

Shipping Container Dwellings

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Our expert team of certified experts is here to help you with your shipping container dwelling project. Easily transportable with no setup time other than external plugging such as electricity, water and waste. Our shipping container dwelling includes all the luxury that you would expect in a 5 star hotel room, such as fully functional bathroom with saving equipment.

Shipping container homes

Shipping container homes and dwelling are houses built with shipping containers- yes the kind you’re thinking of. They come pre-assembled and ready for use after you place an order.  Shipping container homes only need plug-ins for electricity, water and waste to be fully habitable. They are incredibly sturdy, easy to construct and assemble and cost only a fraction of what regular homes cost.

Why Containers?

Containers were designed to survive almost anything. They are rust and weather-resistant, and can even survive earthquakes. They are also built using high-quality steel, which makes them so much more reliable than homes which are using wooden frames or construction methods. Oddly, they are cheaper as a construction base, since there is an almost infinite supply of recyclable shipping containers worldwide.

Are they a valid living option?

Shipping container homes and dwellings  are one of the safest living spaces you can invest in. As we’ve mentioned, they are built like tanks and are more economical than their stationary counterpart. They more or less look, feel and operate like normal apartments or lofts. Since they are on the smaller side, you will have to get used to the open layout. However, if you prefer more space, there are designs that stack or join multiple containers. They are built in accordance with the United States Residential Building Codes, so they are safe, and up to standard.

Why should you pick them over conventional homes?

Shipping container homes are definitely not for everyone. However, if you’re looking for something mobile, durable, stylish, and affordable, then you should consider investing in one. Here are a few reasons why you should consider getting yourself a shipping container home:

  • It is resistant to all manner of natural disasters. This list covers hurricanes, earthquakes, tornadoes, and storms. 
  • They are 40% faster to assemble, and up to two times cheaper. 
  • They are adaptable to uneven terrains.
  • They use stilts to anchor the home instead of a costly foundation and are just as effective.
  • They are safer for the environment. No trees will be harmed in the assembling of your home. 
  • They are very optimized and have a detailed design plan which eliminates all free spaces.
  • You can literarily, up and move your home whenever you choose, without any restrictions. You can use your container home anywhere on the planet. As long as water, waste and electricity are set up, you are good to go.


What sizes of Building container dwelling are available?

Building containers homes come in two main sizes: 20′ and 40′. Each floor is about 8 inches tall. 

Are all homes built from a single building container?

No. They are not. They are extended, stretched and sometimes redesigned. Some homes use as many as three containers and can reach the dimensions of conventional homes.

How do they remain fixed in place?

With the aid of stilts. They are installed on-site/ the location you plan to mount your home and act as a foundation for your home.

Shipping Container Dwellings