Decorative Railing and Fence

Interior & Exterior Projects

Decorative Railing and Fence

Interior & Exterior Projects

Decorative Railing and Fence

Interior & Exterior Projects

Interior and Exterior Railing

T&F Ironworks specializes in railings construction and installment for houses, businesses, and properties of all kinds. We make custom indoor and outdoor railings, and we have a dedicated team, ready to work with you on your design and ideas.

If you need ideas or are perhaps looking for railings and aren’t quite sure what you want, we have an extensive collection of products just for you.

Commercial Stainless Steel Cable Railing

This interior railing features a very angular and aesthetic design with cables woven through each peg. Each peg is a beautiful metal cuboid, and up to four thin strips of cable run through them to give them a minimalist modern look. These railings are perfect for hotels, homes, restaurants, or any building with a modern design or aesthetic.

Steel frame cable Railing

In theme with the indoor cable railing, we have an outdoor version that is even more stylish and durable. Much like the internal design, it also features the same design language. The biggest difference is the outdoor design is even more minimalistic, featuring thinner railings. They, however, have more cables, are powder-coated, and come with a beautiful rust-resistant finish.

Twisted Tree – Leafy Railing

Our design features engaging interconnected floral patterns spread across the top and bottom railing. Each leaf is delicately sculpted from steel, and this railing design as a whole is one of our more challenging projects. The leaves form a vast vine-like network that spans the entire length of the rail. This is perfect for both indoor and outdoor use.

Municipal Commercial Industrial Scroll Railing

The municipal commercial industrial railing is a fairly standard railing design common in cities and buildings close to wide streets in America. It is a simple low railing that serves as a walking guide in busy streets or commercial areas. It prevents pedestrians from jaywalking and protects lawns, trees, and flowers. The design features a near-continuous pattern of alternating metallic coils. It has a rustic and functional feel to it. It is perfect for resorts and large properties that need some sort of segregation without something as obvious or condemning as a sign.

Decorative Scroll Wooden Cap Railing

This railing design is very reminiscent of older buildings or plazas with a sophisticated, simple, yet elegant design that complements their décor. The rails feature repeating alternating spirals with a slight alternating curl at the end.

The Maple Leaf Rail

This rail is another one of our more inspired designs. The rial is made of a series of repeating long thin bars, with a pattern of golden brown maple leaves on the lowest levels. The bars reinforce the rails, and the maple goes well with wooden floors and modern décor.

These are just a few of our more popular rail offerings. They can be adjusted to match your needs, and measurements and ideas for improvement are welcomed. Each design, after order, will be manually constructed and welded by our expert team.

Decorative Railing and Fence Projects
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