Type Of Staircases

Whether you’re looking for a unique staircase to add to your home or business, or just want to learn more about the different types of staircases available, this guide has you covered. From the classic switchback and halfback staircases to more modern trends such as floating staircases and interior spiral staircases, this guide will provide an overview of all the most popular staircase types.

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Switchback, Halfback, Half-turn, or U-shaped Staircase: beautiful type of staircases

This type of staircase is probably one of the most common around. It features two straight flights separated by a 90-degree turn at the top and bottom. This type of staircase works great in any space with limited width because it allows people to ascend and descend without taking up too much room.

Quarter-Turn or L-shaped Staircase

This type of staircase is similar in design to the switchback staircase but instead of two straight flights separated by a 90-degree turn, there is only one flight that turns at a 45-degree angle at both the top and bottom. This type of staircase can work well in tight spaces because it takes up less room than other types.

Curved Staircase

A curved staircase is exactly what it sounds like; a set of stairs that curves gradually as it goes up (or down). The advantage of this style of stairs is that they provide visual interest as well as easy access from one level to another. They are also great for smaller spaces since they take up less room than other types of staircases.

Bifurcated Staircase

A bifurcated staircase is made up of two separate flights connected by a landing at the top or bottom (or both!). These types of stairs can be used when there isn’t enough room for traditional switchback or quarter turn stairs but still need some additional space for turning around.

Split Staircase

A split staircase consists of two separate sets that start from the same point but then diverge in opposite directions before meeting again at the top (or bottom). Split staircases are great for larger homes since they allow people to move between levels easily while still providing plenty of space on each side for storage or display areas.

The Interior Spiral Staircase

An interior spiral staircase is designed with one continuous flight winding around itself in a circle until it reaches its destination point higher up on the wall or ceiling. These styles are often found in older homes with tight spaces where other types simply won’t fit. They are also commonly used as fire escapes due to their small footprint and ease of use. Floating Staircase – Last but not least is the floating staircase which features steps suspended from either side rather than being connected directly to any walls or posts below them like regular stairs do. Floating staircases look unique and modern, making them popular for contemporary homes and businesses alike!


No matter what kind of space you have available, there’s bound to be an option on this list that fits your needs perfectly! With so many different types available including switchbacks, halfbacks, quarter-turns, curved staircases, bifurcated stairs, split stairs, interior spiral staircases and floating staircases; you’re sure to find something perfect for your home or business! Start exploring today!

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